wedding + lifestyle + boudoir photographer

based out of the heart of Pennsylvania and Central Europe 

My husband is not only my most favorite human but also my biggest cheerleader. He actually deserves a gold medal.

Somewhere between overwhelming love and overwhelming exhaustion I have found my way comfortably into motherhood and back to my artistry. It took a little while to settle in and find a balance between both callings of mine. As with everything big in life I can't live without one or the other. Another love of mine is interior design and remodeling our '30s Cape Cot. Working on our Haus with my husband brings me so much joy and I love bringing  out its best with our Scandi-cozy vibe. I found myself playing with European elements to teach the girls my culture and our lifestyle. I have been told to live very European in our tranquil American town. On my days off you can find me (props in my jammies) hanging with the girls or strolling to our neighborhood Café. We are also a huge travel family and actually just bought our first own camper to travel the US (sending all your national park and must-see sweet spot recommendations my way please!)

My muses and inspiration

Photographer Mama with deep love to all things family (aka my husband, human babies and furwolf), coffee and interior design. 

vegan Food



my favorite things

here are some of

“And now, Harry, let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”
– Albus Dumbledore -

- I was born and raised in Germany and moved to the US at the age of 20
- I am most productive when I listen to audiobooks  (cleaning, editing, all the chores)
- I am a huge foodie and especially love Vegan, French and Asian cuisine
- I make it a point to travel somewhere far away each year, do at least one thing that scares me and count my blessings every day
- Guilty pleasure: listening to music in the car loudly 
-If I could attend university for the rest of my life I would not complain
- still waiting for my Hogwarts letter

  some fun facts about le me